Learn How to Have Weed Free Lawn

Learn How to Have Weed Free Lawn

Learn how to have weed free lawn

Have you ever dreamed of a weed free flower bed for the rest of your life? Yes it is possible. Keep reading.

I live in Ontario Canada and we have very short summer It only last for three months and if we are lucky enough sometimes we have it longer than that.  We have a beautiful spring and an amazing fall season with lots of rain. Most of Canadians want to enjoy these amazing seasons since we have a torturous winter but the problem is with these beautiful seasons the homeowners are usually too busy cleaning up their backyards from weeds rather than enjoying the weather.

Every year it is my task to make the flower beds free of weeds especially that spiky weed (It’s called Thistle or Bull thistle). Which is hard to pull out because it is very spiky. I have tried several different methods like

Heavy bed of Mulch,Landscape fabric, Boiling water and Vinegar

They all work but none of them last long Last year I heard about the newspaper technique so I did on small patch and observed it how much it inhibits the weed and it really works the  best.

Why Newspaper Technique Works

The paper inhibits the sunlight that goes through it and absorbs water. So basically it is controlling the weed by not passing the sunlight through it and at the same time retains water for the vegetation. For experimental purposes I tried last year on a small area and it worked very well.

Material needed

for 15 meter by 50 inch wide flower bed
Four month supply of Newspaper

30 bags of dark forest expresso mulch Scott’s Nature bag from Home depot $3.33 each( on sale)

Two continuous non windy days.

How to apply Newspaper Technique

What you need to do is clean the flower beds from weeds you don’t need to dig out completely. I just clean them on the surface

learn how to have weed free lawn

clean up first and put it in the brown bag

Learn how to have weed free lawn

Remove weeds and unwanted plants



Lay down thick layer of newspaper then pour the bag of mulch on top of it as you can see through the pictures.

Learn how to have weed free lawn

Lay down thick layer of news paper

learn how to have weed free lawn

Pour mulch on top of newspaper


It is very time consuming job but the end result is ever lasting enjoy a weed free garden for the rest of your life

Learn how to have weed free lawn

weed free garden


Tip: Try to do small sections at a time.




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