The Trends and Decor

The Trends & Decor

Trends and decor
The Trends and decor showcases the latest trends, products and design tips.
Home décor changes just as quickly and drastically as the fashion industry. It can be difficult to keep your house updated on the latest trends and still have a true reflection of who you are. However, through Huezdesign I will be posting ways to decorate everything in your house from the front porch to the basement and everything in between. I hope I inspire you to make your house everything you want it to be!
Here are few basic tips or rules that I would like to share with you


The 80/20 rule

This rule is key, it is the basic foundational rule that can take your home décor to a whole another level. It is very easy to apply the 80/20 rule. Know, you must be thinking what this rule is exactly. Well I will stall no longer and explain. In order for me to explain it better I will have to talk to you guys about theme. Okay, so you know how each and every house is built on certain themes (contemporary, vintage etc.). Generally the themes in homes are traditional, contemporary-modern or contemporary. If you are buying an older home it most likely has a history. There has probably been many different home owners who had constantly changed the layout or the theme of the house according to their taste and budget. Now, if you have purchased or rented a house you have inherited all the good and bad things that it comes with.  However, the question is how do you deal with these things you have inherited while reflecting your personal taste? With this comes the rule of 80/20. If 80% of the stuff is more traditional then you can have 20% more modern or contemporary embellishments in that space. That 20% will dictate the overall décor influence in your entire house. Let me tell you that 20% percent will make your décor have a strong statement and will dominate the entire theme. I will give you an example from Kimberley seldon; a very well-known designer she follows this rule very effectively I will reiterate an example she showed on TV: If you have a dining table that is very contemporary and you have contemporary chairs to go with it, it will look nice. However, if you pair that dining table with antiqued Louis Chairs it will create drama and dominate over the contemporary style and give it a certain uniqueness you would not find in another home. Whereas, the contemporary dining table with contemporary chairs will just be your typical boring dining room.

Hopefully this rule was useful to you guys! Don’t forget to send me some ways you used this rule in your home!

Happy Designing!


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