The Outdoor spaces of our homes

The Outdoor spaces of our homes

The outdoor spaces

The outdoor spaces

Whether it’s the back or the front of the house the outdoor spaces are just as or if anything more important than the inside of your house. Outdoor spaces, constantly need attention. In addition to having four seasons the outside of your home sure is a space that keeps everyone busy.

The backyard

I remember the first time when we were buying our house; I was looking for the big backyard with mature trees. A nice backyard was at the top of our list. Later I realized that having a big backyard is very demanding, but at the same time is rewarding. There is no replacement for a well mowed lawn and a well-kept flower bed especially in summer. 

The front yard

 says a lot about the homeowner. I’ve notice people generally have more difficulty with keeping their front yard well-kept in comparison to their backyard. So, I have compiled a list of simple ways to keep your front yard looking new!

  • Don’t let the newspaper pile up on your front door.
  • Clear the dust and spider webs around the front door every alternate weekend
  • Change the door mat if it is over five years old, and refresh it yearly with a good vacuuming or wash
  • Pick large planters and decorate it with the fresh new flowers of the season and add some faux flowers.
  • When you are picking the plants for your front yard or backyard try to follow the color scheme that you have in mind. For example my colour scheme is purple and white. I achieve this look by having the following: Purple Clements, wave petunias in white and purple, and white hydrangeas. I incorporate them with lilac trees.

I hope this list was helpful! Happy Designing!


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