What to expect when subscribe Huezdesign

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What to expect when subscribe Huezdesign

You have decided to update your house but:
• Don’t know from where to start?
• Don’t know how to transition the color from one room to another and want them to be cohesive
• Don’t know how to budget and prioritize the needs but don’t know where to splurge and where not to?
• Not sure if you’re skilled enough to handle the project at your own or need to hire professional?

If these are the barriers that are stopping you to move forward then please don’t let them stop you from what you want to achieve. Maybe you’re really good with color but need confirmation; or you just need to bolster your knowledge. If you are saying Yes to any of these means you have come to the right place.

what to expect

I will teach you how to achieve the look you want step by step. You don’t have to be design expert it’s just figuring out what you like. Nowadays, there are so many marketing techniques like commercials, advertisements, home shows that can easily cause someone to lose focus and make a mistake. As a result, at the end the person is so overwhelmed that they don’t want to tackle the project by themselves; or if they do the result is not the same as what they wanted.
At Huezdesign I will honestly share with you my personal experiences. With every little bit of details. I will also let you know what kind of skills you need and how to budget certain projects such as:



DIY projects

Drapery or window treatment

furniture refinishing

staining and

decorating rooms

I will also show you how to apply the Kimberly Seldon’s 80 /20 rule and why it makes sense in any house with any theme.
All you need to do is to subscribe to my website. So these interesting valuable pieces of information will come into your mail box. You don’t need to sit down at your computer and search for hours and hours.

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