Small laundry room makeover

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Small Laundry room Makeover 

Laundry room

Laundry room


My laundry room which is approximately 10 X 6 ft. It was a very small and awkwardly designed; the washing machine was on one wall while the dryer was on the opposite wall. The sink was in between the two appliances. It was very difficult to stand in between the two appliances and work around them. Lately, I had started to have issues with my washer. To make matters worse the bathroom upstairs which is just above the laundry room was leaking, so I found this as an opportunity to fix both rooms. The washer and dryer were almost 24 years old (but still working very well) they were not energy efficient and were very noisy. So they needed to be replaced.

My goal was to move the washer, dryer, sink and cabinets on one wall so that the room functions properly and also looks aesthetically pleasing.

This project in the beginning looked very simple but let me tell you it’s not that easy when you have to move everything from one wall to the other wall. It involves electrical , plumbing, carpentry and flooring; basically all the trades you could think of in any home renovation. Fortunately, the laundry room is next to the garage and the floor area of the laundry room is accessible through the garage not through the basement. So it was doable


I decided to buy pre-built cabinets instead of custom made ones in order to stay within the budget. Luckily I found very good all wood, espresso finished cabinets with shaker style doors. For the washer and dryer I chose stainless steal whirlpool duet steam combo. I chose this because it is energy efficient and stainless steel gives a newer modern look. For the counter top I picked White Ash quartz by Cesar stone as you can see in the picture.

Here is my board


 planning board

The layout



We planned the layout of the room on the basis of the dimensions of the room and appliances. It looks like they will stick out a bit from the counter top but it doesn’t look bad.  I wanted one continuous counter top so we decided to raise the height of the sink cabinet. We did this so that it will look like one straight counter top. We also used toe kick and an additional area underneath the cabinet to build a drawer. I also bought the stainless steel hamper basket from the solutions and was very easy to install. I also installed the Rev-A.Shelf (sink front tray) in front of the sink for small objects like brushes and scrubbers because I don’t like to see too much clutter on the counter-top .


Now comes the fun part, I used cumulus cloud by Benjamin more for the walls.  I also bought big glass bottles for the detergent  with some greens planters from home-sense. so it looks more interesting on the counter. I have to get ride of the ironing board but luckily we have the Caesar stone counter top which is good for the ironing. I also made the hooks by using the leftover wood samples and cabinet knobs you can see the slide show here:

IMG_3001     IMG_2998       IMG_2994

I love the continuity of the counter. My laundry room is so much organized now and storage has increased incredibly .






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