How to make an interesting centerpiece

How to make an interesting centerpiece

I usually make my own table top arrangements with fresh fruits and flowers and sometimes I use natural elements other than flowers from my garden as centerpiece. Click here to see more examples

Long tall glass Vases

are wonderful for designing the perfect table. They are available in different sizes and colours they also provide sculptural beauty, with or without flowers.
I personally like to use tall vases instead of little pots for flowers. They give height and sculptural beauty to any corner and it is also helpful to distract the awkwardness of any corner. I like this article on Houzz for inspiration
The right flower and vase combination can make a room elegant and very well put together. Even an empty vase can be striking on its own. Usually tall vases with arrangements inside of them are pricey and it’s hard to find one that can easily go with the décor and style of your house. If you create your own you can easily change it season after season.
Here is one that I created for the spring; I am still using it in summer. This one is my favourite because it has some natural elements in it even though the orchids are not real but they give the impression of real flowers.


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