How to Create Inexpensive Mirrored Wall


How to create Inexpensive Mirrored Wall

Mirrored backsplash

A mirror background can make any boring shelf look exquisite! However, getting a mirror wall installed is very expensive between the supplies and the contractor’s fees. There has to be a better way right!? Yes of course! This polished and posh look can be achieved. You only need a few supplies! Can you believe these mirrors are from Ikea? This awesome Ikea hack will make your shelf go from boring to beautiful!

Last Winter I visited Ikea. It’s been long time since I went to IKEA; there were a lot of new products. One of the things that caught my eye right away were these hex mirror tiles. There were ten per box. The shape and style of them appealed to me so much that I just bought them without realizing that:

  • I did not have enough of the mirrors for my shelf
  • They were in two different colours
  • The IKEA store is too far from my house to get more boxes in the snowy winter


But I was still positive and determined that I can use them and I did.

In my dining room I have a small nook area with cabinets; the wall between the upper and lower cabinet is 36 x 40 inches. Making it all work was actually pretty simple.

Preparing the design

  •  I got some paper and cut it to be the same size as the wall.
  • Then,  I Divided the paper in four equal portions by drawing a big plus sign (+) the instructions how to build around the plus sign are in the box also and it was very helpful.
  • Moreover, I played with different patterns but in most of the cases I had some empty space left and it was not looking nice at all

I needed a few more “half” pieces of these hex mirrors (hex mirror cut in half). I had few pieces of a different mirror the leftover from my other project. I took it to the local glass company and asked him if he can cut it into the shapes for me and he did it ! What’s even better is that it only took an hour and was very cheap, it only cost me $30 isn’t it amazing!?

The pieces from Ikea were antiqued, but the pieces that I added into it were regular mirrors which gave it a little bit of contrast and made it unique!

Items you will need

Now the final part how to put it on the wall, you will need the following:

  • Metal trim edge (available at Home Depot)  $12.50
  • “No more nails” glue by Lepage     $ 7.49
  • The hex mirrors from Ikea (comes with glue stickers)          $ 20.00



Installation Steps:

  1. Put the metal edge on the sides. I used the glue to stick the metal edges onto the wall.
  2. Place the two long mirror pieces (each is 3” X 36”) on the side borders.
  3. Start to build patterns on the wall by using glue stickers that come with the box. I used the lighter pieces at the border and darker in the middle.


I’ve attached some photos showing each step of this project.


In conclusion putting all of this together took only an hour. This super easy and quick project cost me less than $100 and it completely changed the atmosphere of my dining room. I highly recommend this project to anyone who feels an area in their house is too bland. You will be amazed by the results! Be sure to post pictures on my Facebook page at Huezdesign showing me your results! Happy designing!




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