How to build Desk for home office


How to build Desk for Home office

How to built desk for home office

With our ever changing lifestyle; our homes change with us. It’s not too long ago when we had only one desktop computer in our home. Then we started to move towards using laptops, and as technology is getting better; the trend started to move towards mobile computer or I would say notebooks and tablets. That’s what happened in my home, but I still wanted to have a proper working station in my house even though it was not necessary as everyone has their own devices. Nonetheless I made one at my home and believe it or not now everyone prefers to use the desktop. Maybe because this area is exclusively devoted for work or may be the table that I made attracts them.

Recycled products used:

I made this table out of a door that I bought from a Lowes for only 30 dollars

Materials for Table:

Two Alex drawer units from Ikea for $80

One unfinished door from Lowe’s 24” x 80” for $30

A Glass 24: X 80 “for $70

Stain from Saman Ebony leftover from a previous project

Hybrid varnish from Saman left over from a previous project


  • First of all assemble the drawer units
  • Then clean the door. The good part of the door is that there was no hole for a handle that makes it easier to use. I stained it dark ebony color and then finished it with varnish on it.
  • After that I carefully place the door over the drawer units and then place the glass on top.

And now the table is set

For Bulletein Board

Materials for bulletin board

A frame from Michaels 36”x 24”

Galvanized sheet from Home Depot 36” X24 for $16

Black Sharpie pen


  • For the bulletin board I draw a design on galvanized sheet with a sharpie pen and then insted of  the picture I put the galvanized sheet inside the glass
  • Assemble it and hanged it above the table
  • This is a multi task bulletine board I can write on it , and put  some magnets

Hopefully this was helpful. For more inspiration and ideas follow this link with 20 DIY ideas to improve your home office 

Happy designing.




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